Michelle Williams: Author

Michelle Williams is young and attractive, she has close family ties as well as a busy social life – but she is far from usual.

She is a mortuary technician and her job involves dealing with those things in life that many people do not wish to experience directly. Yet life in the mortuary is neither gruesome nor sad. Told with good humour and common sense, we are introduced to a host of characters – the pathologists, many of them eccentric, some downright mad – the undertakers, the hospital porters and the man from the coroner’s office who sings to Michelle every morning.

The incidents ensure that no two days are ever the same. From the tragic to the hilarious they include: the fitness fanatic who was run over as he did pressups in the road on a dark night, the decapitated motorcyclist, the guide dog who led his owner on to the railway tracks – and left him there and the fourty stone man for whom an entire refrigerated lorry had to be hired because he wouldn’t fit in the mortuary cooler.

Over the course of her first year, Michelle has to deal with situations and emotions that few of us will ever experience, and does so while retaining a sense of humour and a sense of perspective.

Down Among The Dead Men

Michelle’s first book – Down Among The Dead Men: A Year In The Life Of A Mortuary Technician – co-authored with Keith McCarthy, was published on 10th June 2010 in the UK and 1st September 2010 in the US. It is available from all good booksellers and online retailers. It is also available from our Online Shop.